25-27 October, 2016 | London

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Cyber Risk for Financial Services: Peter Mitic, Santander

This year’s InfoSec for Financial Services conference (London, October) will be exploring the sector’s regulatory developments, as well as providing streams and plenary sessions on customer security, Identity Access Management (IAM), third party supply chain risk and communication of risk with the board.

Among the speaker panel will be Dr. Peter Mitic, currently Head of Operational Risk Methodology at Banco Santander UK. He is responsible for model building for AMA operational risk R and statistical research, and is researching into methods for quantification of Reputation Risk. He sat down with Cyber IQ ahead of the event at about the legal and moral issues of cyber risk for the FS sector… 

Disclaimer: The individual views and opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of Cyber IQ or any other organisation.

Creating an Infosec Culture

There’s an old saying in sales: 'people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care'. But care about what exactly? We’ve all had the experience of listening to a well-polished sales pitch by an earnest individual who clearly cares about their product or service…but we’ve been turned off or felt it was a waste of time. A truly compelling sales pitch, one that actually stimulates you to commit spend or to dedicate time and resources, is one that convinces you that the sales person and their team cares about the same things that you consider a priority. Chris Rivinus provides advice on how you can pitch an 'infosec culture' to mitigate organisation-wide vulnerabilities...

Better the devil you know? Protecting financial data from insiders

When it comes to information security in the financial services, the insider threat has become something of a bogeyman. It is not simply a case of rooting out those with a lax approach to security or basic cyber hygiene; a greater awareness of the value of data means those who have access to it can be more tempted to steal or sabotage information if they become disgruntled or seek to illegally profit. Knowing whether others in your tent are doing their part to secure critical data is certainly a difficult ask, but is one that organisations are trying to solve on two fronts: better training and better technology.

Cyber IQ sat down with Patrik Heuri, a global head of security risk at a major bank, who confirmed that both negligence and malicious activity are being considered as equal evils...

Industry Reports

Cyber IQ Review - Summer 2016

Welcome to the summer 2016 issue of the Cyber IQ Review. The past few months have been as active as ever when it comes to the increase and emergence of sophisticated threats to our digital information. Headline issues have spanned from flaws in daily security measures to global-scale controversy and serious commercial fallout.

This e-book includes new insight from experts within the field of information security, including strategic expert Ryan Lai on ransomware, and Dr. Chris Rivinus on developing an ‘InfoSec Culture’. Alongside these, we offer access to some of the most impactful articles that Cyber IQ has released in the past six months, covering elements from national infrastructure protection to incident response. Meanwhile, readers will be able to find the results of our summer survey of cybersecurity professionals, in which we uncover some interesting trends and statistics, including what they believe to be the most critical vulnerabilities and where organizations are failing on implementing policies and procedures. Download the Cyber IQ Review today.